Better hearing has never been so easy.

Hearing aids and a doctor's care, delivered to your home.

What you get

  • Powerful, discreet hearing aids

    Our nearly-invisible devices provide rich, 360° sound

  • On-demand care

    Get doctor's care & hearing aid adjustments from your couch

  • Incredible value

    Everything you need for better hearing, for 1/3 the cost. Financing also available.

How it works

  • Take the online hearing test

    It's free, quick and doctor-certified.

  • Hearing aids delivered to your door

    Programmed by our doctors, delivered in 3 days or less.

  • Rest easy, follow-up care included

    Our doctors are available on-demand for support and adjustments.

The Lively Bundle

We are your one-stop solution for better hearing:

  • A pair (2) of noise-canceling hearing aids with advanced technology offer high-quality sound.
  • Connect hearing aids with our app to take calls, listen to music, and make sound adjustments.
  • Peace of mind with low pricing, 100-day return policy and two-year warranty.

A Doctor’s Care Included

  • Care From Your Couch

    Video chat with a Lively audiologist about your hearing and hearing aids, as often as needed.

  • Adjustments Made By Doctors

    When you’re having an issue, an audiologist tweaks your hearing aids via the app, anytime, anywhere.

  • Leaders in Audiology

    You’ll get the best care with our staff audiologists — experts in hearing research, treatment, and tech.

All-Star Audiology Advisors

Everything from the Lively Hearing Test to our audiology care program has been approved by our globally recognized board of experts, so you get optimal results.

The Reviews Are In

Joe D.
West Fargo, ND

Everything is awesome

The hearing aids are working out wonderfully. I'm in awe of how easily I've adapted to them. Coincidentally, this morning I heard a bird sing for the first time since getting my hearing aids and it literally stopped me in my tracks. It's been so cold and wintery the birds have been laying pretty low the last few weeks. Thanks 👍

Newman W.
New York, NY

Life is so much more fun

The pair of hearing aids I recently received has made communication much easier. I am more efficient in my work. Moreover, they have tremendously increased my pleasure in daily activities. Life is so much more fun. I feel more alert and connected to everything around me.

I have a renewed love of music now that I can hear the fullness of the sound and all the harmonics I had been missing.

Lively was very alert to my needs and listened carefully to my comments as they adjusted the instruments.

With little effort on my part Lively deftly maximized the effectiveness of the hearing aids.

Rick D.P.
Sherman Oaks, CA

didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need

I took the hearing test. It seems exactly like any hearing test I take at an audiologist. Better yet, they said my hearing is good and didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need. Rare and refreshing in today's world.

You may be wondering…

Do I really have 100 days to try Lively?
What happens if the hearing aids don't work for me?
Are hearing aids covered by my insurance?
How do I connect my hearing aids to my phone?
How do you tune the hearing aids remotely?

Our Customer Care team is available to help you understand if Lively is right for you. No pressure. Just trained professionals ready to talk.