Supercharge Your Hearing Aids with High-tech Accessories

To help you hear your best in the most challenging situations, our cutting-edge accessories were designed to boost your hearing aids and meet your every need.

Have a blast together, without blasting the volume

TV Streamer


Streams TV and other audio straight to your hearing aids, turning them into wireless headphones for even clearer sound, up to 22 feet away.

Cut through the clatter in loud restaurants



Discreet, portable microphone that streams speech and other sounds right to your ears, giving you super hearing in super tough listening situations.

Android Phone Clip+


Streams calls and music to your hearing aids from older Androids and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Doubles as a remote control.

Charging Case


While a case is included with your rechargeable hearing aids, an extra gives you the freedom to always hear your best wherever you go.