Lively: Committed to Audiology

At Lively, our commitment to audiology runs deep: Not only are we advised by some of the top audiologists in the world, but we make sure each and every Lively client meets face-to-face with a licensed audiologist.

However, as a new company we realize there are bound to be questions about us and our use of technology for hearing assessments and remote face-to-face care. We've therefore created this page to help provide clarification and background to the professional community.

The Science of Online Hearing Tests

Thanks to significant technological advancements and research1 over the past few years, online hearing tests can now be used to safely and effectively fit hearing aids.2

Building on this work, we've done a tremendous amount of research on a wide-range of devices and headphones, and have developed our own online hearing assessment with what we've learned. Given our pre-launch testing across different transducers and operating systems, we're confident that when augmented with face-to-face support and ongoing remote tunings by a Lively audiologist our test enables us to effectively fit a hearing aid and improve a client's hearing. So far, our approach has proven well-founded, as we've received excellent initial customer satisfaction scores.

Of course, providing effective audiological care extends beyond a customer's online hearing test and initial fitting. Lively customers are monitored for improvement, and our audiologists use the Client Oriented Scale of Improvement (COSI) to ensure we address their specific hearing needs and goals.

Focusing On Accessibility

Hearing care has an accessibility problem. In fact, 70-85% of adults 50+ with hearing loss do not receive the care they need.

We're committed to changing this. We use telemedicine technologies and online hearing assessments at Lively to make audiologist-tuned and monitored hearing aids available to anyone who meets the requirements and has an internet connection. Recent studies have shown that approaches like ours are effective at making hearing care more accessible.3

While Lively can help increase the accessibility of hearing care, there will always be a need for traditional audiology practices. Many patients will opt for in-person care, or will need access to procedures such as otoscopy, probe-microphone measures, and advanced diagnostic testing. For these reasons, Lively will never replace the traditional model, only augment it.

The Highest Standards

We're committed to complying with all laws and regulations related to online audiology and our legal team works closely with our Board of Advisors and company executives to ensure Lively always upholds the highest standards of the industry.

Come Grow With Us

If you're a licensed audiologist and want to help Lively make audiologist-based hearing care more accessible, let us know. While our waiting list is full, we'll be happy to reach out as soon as there's an opening.

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