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Why do I love the Lively 2 Pro? Let's dive in.

The Lively 2 Pro is a premium hearing aid packed with incredible features and next-generation technology. Here's what I love about it.

Hand-Free Calls

Customers have been asking for the ability to answer and take their calls directly from their hearing aids since Lively was born. With Hands-Free Calls, the Lively 2 Pro with compatible Apple devices can do just that: take calls similar to using Apple AirPods.

Environmental Optimizer

Environmental Optimizer allows for more customization with the Lively 2 Pro. Our audiology team can now apply greater precision to adjustments based on specific situational needs. So if a customer finds their significant other's voice too soft, we can now increase the volume of that voice without raising other soft sounds that would otherwise be bothersome.

Binaural Directionality

Binaural Directionality expands on the already sophisticated directional microphone system employed in our other hearing aids, by incorporating more precision in complex listening situations. Specifically, Binaural Directionality uses ear-to-ear communication to automatically switch between omnidirectional, asymmetric directional, and bi-directional microphone modes based on the surroundings. This improves speech understanding while maintaining awareness and ability to perceive sound around the user.

New receiver/speaker design

The new receivers on the Lively 2 Pro have many benefits, which include improved comfort, cosmetics, retention, and easier left & right identification. Additionally, the new receiver is coupled to the hearing device using a smart 8-pin connector, which stores receiver specific data that the hearing aid and fitting software can use for an improved customer experience.

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by Dr. Christina Callahan, Au.D. CCC-A